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We are a Holy Spirit led body, where we discover who we are and how God made us in an atmosphere of love. We learn how to stir up our gifts and step into our destiny, and are empowered to pursue the fullness of our calling with boldness and confidence. We discover the joy of hearing His voice and following His heart-partnering with the Holy Spirit to reach the lost, heal the sick, help the needy, and prophesy life into the poor and hurting. The result: generations of impassioned and equipped believers, grounded in the Word and ignited by the Spirit, invading the culture and bringing transformation with His love and power! 

Global Harvest Church is a house church that meets each Friday. Our location rotates between the homes of our host families and is posted weekly on our Facebook page.  We are a family friendly church who cherishes every generation, with a focus on building relationships with God and with each other. From 6:30 to 7:00, we fellowship over coffee and snacks. We begin service with praise and worship, Communion, and then move into a time of sharing God's Word. We close with ministry as the Holy Spirit leads and all may participate in this time, though there is no pressure to do so. The dress is casual and informal. 

Every meeting God does something new and every month we meet new people. We sincerely hope you will join us!!​

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